Some of the Beyond Belief team - who is that in the background?  Judge Begbie?

Beyond Belief Paranormal Events is led by Dawn Kirkham, who is a clairvoyant medium and experienced paranormal investigator since 2005. Originally from the UK, Dawn has led paranormal investigations at some of the most haunted locations in Britain and now Victoria, BC.  
Dawn has consulted on hundreds of paranormal cases and has been called in to help explain and manage a whole host of paranormal activity being experienced.  Her private clients include home and business owners including shops, public houses and hotels, community associations and office blocks.  She continues to consult now that she has moved to Vancouver Island. 
Dawn has brought together a highly skilled and experienced team who all volunteer their time and are dedicated to working with people and spirit. The team works hard to ensure that paranormal investigations are undertaken professionally and with a balanced approach.
Private Investigations are undertaken free of charge and with complete confidentiality. We do not ask for nor accept donations.

When you contact the team you can expect to be listened to without judgement.  Whatever is behind the activity being experienced, we believe that you are experiencing something.  Not every client request leads to an investigation as the team determines the best course of action from the information collected during the client interview.  Whatever the outcome, the team continues to support and work with you, building a relationship of trust and respect.
The team also provide opportunities for members of the public to join them on ghost hunts at some of the most haunted locations in Victoria. Using a blend of equipment and spiritually based activities, participants spend time overnight investigating reports of spirit activity and hauntings.  See the Public Ghost Hunts and Events  page for more information.
In addition to leading ghost hunts and paranormal investigations, Dawn and members of her team facilitate psychic development workshops and circles in order to provide a safe and supportive environment for people to explore their intuitive and psychic abilities. For more information visit the Victoria Metaphysical and Intuitive Development Grouppage on Dawn also facilitates other energy based workshops - the details of which can be found on the Workshop page.
If you are experiencing unexplained activity, please get in touch in confidence to discuss how the team can help you via email at
We are always on the look-out for new and exciting haunted locations. If you know of a great location with paranormal activity we would love to hear from you! We are open to having you host your location in either a private or public, depending on its size.

 Setting up our equipment at the Maritime Museum of BC
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