Paranormal Equipment

We use a wide variety of scientific equipment and spiritual activities on any investigation to seek out authentic evidence.
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EMF Meter
EMF meters detect electronic fields at a wide range of frequencies. Since many people believe that ghosts produce disturbances in electronic magnetic fields these devices can be a great indicator of paranormal activity.  The Beyond Belief team uses a range of EMF meters including K2 and Mel-Meters.  We use the Mel-8704R which includes an ambient temperature gauge, EMF meter, K2 function and Rem-Pod (produces its own electromagentic field, which will sound an alarm if the field is broken).

EVP Equipment
Audio recorders are most commonly used on investigations to record EVP (electronic voice phenomena) that may occur during communication with spirit or during the event. Communication can come through as a voice, taps, bangs or other audible disturbances and EVP equipment are excellent ways of documenting this activity. 
Full Spectrum Camera
Full spectrum cameras are specially designed to accept deeper ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) light to show normally unseen spectrum of light.
Ghost Box
A Ghost Box is a device that is commonly used on investigations to communicate with spirit. Basically a modified AM/FM radio, this equipment constantly scans the band to pick up any noise or audio remnants from stations that spirit is able to manipulate in order to create words and sentences.  The Beyond Belief team uses the PS-7 spirit box as used on the popular ghost hunting show Ghost Adventures.

Infrared Camera
Infrared cameras differ slightly from Full Spectrum Cameras in that they capture only IR light. This kind of camera allows you to see light that is normally not detectable to the human eye.  The beyond Belief team has 4 wireless cameras and 4 wired cameras which record onto 2 DVR systems.  During an investigation, the cameras are monitored on 2 screens.
Thermometers are often used in ghost-hunting to detect changes in the air that may occur at any site with paranormal activity. Both traditional mercury and digital thermometers can be used in any investigation.  The team uses both ambient and surface thermometers to debunk and document activity.
Trigger Object
Trigger objects (also known as Control Objects) are small objects that can be placed around a site to gauge spirit activity. The most common practice is to place a coin on a sheet of white paper in a location that is free of movement or droughts. A circle is drawn around the coin so that its position on the paper is recorded. After the investigation it can be examined to see if it has moved; set up correctly, this method can be a great indicator of paranormal activity.
table tipping at a paranormal investigationSpiritual Activities
Pendulums can be used to aid in communication with spirit. By asking Yes or No questions communication can be established by monitoring the movement of the pendulum.
A séance is an attempt to channel or connect with spirit through mediums or sensitives and is used as a method of communicating with, and/or relaying messages from, spirits of the dead.Photograph by Maureen McCann
Table Tipping
Table Tipping is a type of séance where participants sit around a table, with their fingers positioned, waiting for it to show movement as a means of communicating with spirit. Another popular activity is Glass Moving, where participants put one finger on a glass in the centre of a table and allow it to move as spirit communicates.  The Beyond Belief team have also just introduced the use of a planchette which allows spirit to write messages!
Vigils are simply the act of purposefully waiting and watching for any paranormal activity to take place. Investigative teams and participants may ask spirit to show themselves in a variety of ways and vigils are quiet observation of this communication.
Banner photograph taken by Maureen McCann
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