Past Investigations
Dawn has investigated many locations in the UK and is building up the number of locations she has investigated here in Victoria, BC, with her team.  Here are some of the locations.  Please note that for confidentiality reasons, we are unable to share with you information from our private investigations.

Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse is a fantastic location to investigate with many layers of activity and human occupation.  The Beyond Belief Team were the first ever paranormal investigators allowed to investigate and spend the night.  The activity was significant and all of our hand held camera batteries and spares were drained within a couple of hours!  We will be back so visit our events page for further information

Whipple Tree Junction contains a number of heritage houses that have been collected from around the Cowichan Valley, BC and rebuilt on the site just outside Duncan, BC.  Two investigations took place here to understand the paranormal activity being experienced

Stanley Palace
Stanley Palace is a Tudor building in the heart of Chester city centre in the North West of England.  Dawn has investigated this building numerous times and it always delivered a lively night! She has encountered a monk and an executioner as well as a rather drunk lord.  Dawn says, Stanley Palace has a lovely feel in the daytime which changes to something rather sinister when the lights go down. Truly a haunting experience!
Woodchester Mansion
Woodchester Mansion is a 19th Century Victorian Gothic masterpiece mysteriously abandoned mid-construction in 1873. Hidden in a secluded Cotswold valley, it is untouched by time and the modern world. This Grade 1 listed building has been saved from dereliction, but will never be completed.   Dawn has investigated at this location once and encountered an elemental (entity that has never taken human form) who resides in the cellars. She reports that its energy is most noticeable, as are its red eyes!
Galleries of JusticeGallaries of Justice in Nottingham, England.  Although there has been a courthouse on this site as far back as the 1300s, the Shire Hall as it stands now was rebuilt in 1770. It boasts two courtrooms, an underground gaol (jail) and a site for executions.  Built on underground caves, Dawn says "this location was very active with spirits that threw stones at us and even had one guest saying the Lord's prayer because she was so frightened at what was happening during a group vigil"  She is not sure who was hunting who!
haunted location Dudley CastleDudley Castle in the West Midlands of England was built just after the Norman Conquest in 1066.  Although largely in ruins, there are places like the undercroft that remain intact and extremely active.  Dawn has investigated this location several times and has always experienced activity such as voices, shadows, pinches and pushes.  This location also boasts an elemental.
Maritime Museum of BCThe Maritime Museum of BC is home to around 35,000 artifacts housed in a building which was formerly a supreme court and police station.  This late 19th century building never fails to disappoint and has delivered some of the best ghost activity during the many paranormal investigations Dawn has hosted here.  There are many spirits that are active and wish to make their presence known!  She says it is arguably one of the most active locations she has investigated.
haunted location ordsall Hall
Ordsall Hall is a historic house and a former stately home in Ordsall, an area of Salford, in Greater Manchester, England. It dates back over 750 years, although the oldest surviving parts of the present hall were built in the 15th century.  The hall has a plethora of paranormal activity and has a ghost cam online for people to view and capture evidence of spirit.  Here is the link if you are interested in seeing if you can find any   evidence  During one investigation Dawn conducted she was able to see a room as it had been during the civil war and witnessed soldiers coming and going from the room.
haunted location walton hallWalton Hall in Cheshire, UK is a Grade II listed building, dating back to 1836. Originally built for Gilbert Greenall - brewer and MP.  Although not old (in UK terms) it is a very active location.  Dawn reports seeing orbs and lights with her physical eyes as well as the privilege of helping a young maid transition over to the spirit side. 
haunted locationplas teg
Plas Teg is a magnificent 17th Century Jacobean Mansion in North Wales, UK.  Plas Teg is one of the most haunted locations in Wales with a whole host of reported activity including apparitions.  It has been featured on a number of paranormal shows.  Dawn had one of her most exciting investigations at Plas Teg, experiencing the physical feelings of being hung - it was the first time she had received this type of communication from spirit.
haunted locationsamlesbury hallSamlesbury Hall dates from 1370 and is built almost wholly of timber with very little plaster or masonry. During the reign of Queen Elizabeth, the hall was Sir John Southworth 's home. He was Sheriff of Lancashire and a staunch Catholic. Dawn experienced spirit contact before this event and was communicating with a monk who had been murdered here.  Despite not knowing the history of the location, the information the spirit gave Dawn was validated.
haunted locationempire theatreOpened in 1925, the Empire Theatre, in Liverpool, UK was built on the site of the former theatre and opera house.  The theatre has many reports of spirit activity and Dawn was delighted to be one of the few people allowed in to investigate.  Although it was a relatively quiet evening, the group did encounter a very well to do lady who had passed into spirit following an accident outside.
haunted locationmargham castleMargam Castle is a large mansion house built in Margam, Port Talbot, South Wales, UK, for the Talbot family. It was built on a site which had been occupied for some 4000 years and from the 11th century was an abbey. The "castle" is actually a comfortable Victorian era house, one of many "mock" or "revival"castles built in the 19th century during the Gothic Revival.  Dawn endured one of the coldest ever investigations in this location - "it was mid winter and freezing cold"  Despite that the investigation was an interesting one with great communication with table tipping and glass moving.  Reports of contact with the old Game Keeper were also reported by group members.
haunted locationAltonTowersAlton Towers is one of the UK's biggest tourist attractions as a theme park.  However, not many of the thrill seeking visitors realize that the gothic Alton Castle standing in ruins in the centre of the park is home to a number of non-physical beings.  The investigation yielded shadow figures, disembodied footsteps and some stone throwing.
fhaunted locationreemasons hallThe Freemasons Hall in Manchester, UK was completed in 1929.  Dawn was among the first and only paranormal investigators to investigate in this location.  The hall is home to the Freemasons and she was able to investigate in some of the lodge rooms.  Dawn reported that the location had an air of mystery about it and the group captured an interesting photograph of what looks like a gentleman standing against the wall, watching proceedings!

haunted victoria St Ann's AcademySt Ann's Academy in Victoria, BC.  Dawn and the Beyond Belief Paranormal Events team had a fantastic night at St. Ann's.  Everyone had a personal experience with communication and contact from a variety of spirits. The teams provided many ways for the spirits to connect with the group and they used every opportunity! From table tipping, glass moving, ghost box and through Mediums - they shared their stories!
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