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Paranormal Investigations

Who you gonna call?

If you are around the same age as I am you will remember the film phenomena called 'Ghost Busters'.  In the film the ghost busters team were inundated with calls from people experienced paranormal activity.  The phone was ringing off the hook and they were spending their days and nights clearing locations from these unwanted visitors.

The Beyond Belief Paranormal Events team is feeling a little bit like the ghost busters team as requests for help coming through our website are increasing at quite a rate!

Places Spirits frequent

I am often asked if spirits hang out in graveyards.  From my experience, graveyards are not necessarily the place that spirits frequent.  I heard something a few months ago about spirits spending time in dentists surgeries and ER rooms!  At first I was skeptical but according to the person who was telling me - the spirits draw energy from the environment - the energy of fear!

It is true that fear produces a lot of energy so it makes sense that the spirits who want to use that energy to manifest and affect the physical environment would be attracted to the places that produce that type of vibration.

Filming with Shaw TV

I recently got the opportunity to film with Shaw TV about investigating the paranormal.  I must admit to have been a tad nervous before we got into the swing of things but after a while I even forgot the cameras were rolling!  The crew from Shaw TV were superb and really put us at our ease - getting the best out of us for sure!

Filming took 2 hours for a 3 minute piece of footage.  I was amazed how well they did at putting the pieces together and coming up with something that told the story of what we do and how we do it.

Don't jump to conclusions

Having been involved in paranormal investigations and research for more than 6 years now I have looked at lots of video and photographic footage taken during an investigation.  To be honest - there are times that I have been fooled by something perfectly normal looking supernatural and I have learned not to believe your eyes!

Whilst there are many people out there with fantastic computer skills who are faking photographs and video footage, I am talking about the ones where the operator error and misdiagnosis are the culprits.
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